Principles of our business

Our aim is to maximise your business profitability and optimise your financial position.

The number one complaint from our clients tends to be the lack of time they have to handle paperwork, wages, super, GST and tax. We help substantially reduce this inefficiency for businesses and individuals with clear advice, careful planning and using innovative software solutions and technology to make your business and life more efficient and more profitable.

At CMA we are focused on improving on what we did last time for people. We take a progressive approach, collaborating with other accountants and legal and financial specialists to provide a well-rounded service that’s as efficient as possible.

In Craig’s early days he found that when he needed good business and income tax advice, it was quite limited and generic. This motivated him to make a difference using education and life experience. The team at CMA are based on this philosophy.

We help businesses and individuals to make better decisions and utilise better tools such as Cloud accounting within their businesses which helps make their lives easier or more manageable.

Our clients today include family groups who have been with us since we opened more than 20 years ago, and small and medium sized businesses right across Queensland and beyond.

Since our beginnings, our business has developed a strong network of related experts, covering all fields in legal, finance and investment. As such, we have no difficulty in seeking expert advice wherever and whenever it’s needed from corporate compliance to business consultancy, management, business planning and more.

We aspire to continue the business for many years to come knowing that our team continue to have the right set of skills and experience which they build on into the future.

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