At CMA Accounting and Taxation Services we take a progressive approach to your handling your tax and financial management, offering more than just a place to get your tax done once a year.  

We are an experienced team of advisors who look closely at all aspects of your financial management in relation to your personal goals. We help keep you on track to achieve your lifestyle goals and always keep one step ahead offering tips, tricks and guidance before you know you need it.

Our experienced accountants can help you with:

  • Fast & 100% Correct Tax Returns
  • Gaining financial control after difficult times
  • Ways to increase next years’ tax refund
  • Buying a business
  • Setting up a new business
  • Self Managed Super Fund setup and administration 
  • Knowing what to do now so you can have a beautiful future

Advice for individuals that takes in your whole financial situation

As a client of CMA you’re supported by a team of professionals across accounting, tax, asset protection strategy and business advice. Your team of advisors communicate and coordinate advice for you efficiently, because we keep each other in the loop about what is happening with your financial management. We are a truly integrated, positive and communicative team and we feel that this approach is important to providing you with sound accounting and taxation advice.

We feel it’s important to understand the complete picture of your financial situation so that you can benefit fully from a more coordinated and team approach. This helps us to provide the ideal advice and guidance on aeras like helping you organise loan, leases or insurances, buying a business or setting up super as each area has an impact on one another.  

For example, there are usually tax implications when buying or selling investments or assets, and there are risk management and accounting issues when getting loans and leases. And some insurances are tax deductible. When you use advisors in these areas from many different professionals, apart from the time and cost of organising meetings between the advisors, you get less coordinated advice and a fragmented overall strategy.

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