CMA Accounting and Taxation Services Self-Managed Super Fund services are another way we can help you to prepare for retirement or help manage your retirement income in an impactful way.

If you set up a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF), you’re in charge. You make the investment decisions for the fund and you’re responsible for complying with the law. It’s a major financial decision and takes time and skill to do, and to implement and manage an SMSF. 

We take away the hassle of setting up your own super and provide the professional advice and expertise to ensure that your SMSF is setup and managed correctly and in full compliance with ATO regulations.

Setting up your SMSF safely

We will help you to work out the structure of your fund, create a trust deed and appoint your trustees, among other things.

We can advise on the responsibilities and requirements of your SMSF trustee(s), including accepting contributions from your members from various sources but there are some restrictions, mostly depending on the member’s age and the contribution caps.

Managing your investments wisely

CMA Accounting and Taxation Services can help you to manage your fund’s investments in the best interests of fund members and in full compliance accordance with the law.

As a trustee of your own SMSF you have a number of administrative obligations. CMA Accounting and Taxation Services can ensure that you meet all your SMSF obligations in an accurate and timely manner.

Key obligations we provide support on for administering an SMSF, include:

  • Arranging an annual audit of your fund.
  • Keeping appropriate records and lodging an annual return with the ATO. (Failing to meet your obligations may result in penalties).
  • Working out when you can get your super based on your age and seeing when you can apply for the age pension.
  • Establishing which type of super contribution will give you a better income tax deduction and how to make super contributions.
  • Working out whether you are eligible for a co-contribution from the Government and how much you can get if you are eligible.

Ready to get your SMSF underway? 

At CMA Accounting we work closely with our legal partners to provide advice and support in SMSF. To arrange an appointment or find out more, please call us on 07 5448 8161 or email

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